Thursday, September 4, 2014

358/984 - Potato flatbreads

With two friends coming over for dinner, I decided to make Stephanie's tried and true lasagne and these potato flatbreads to serve alongside. 

Given the small amount of potato in the mixture, I was interested to see if they tasted any different to other versions of flatbreads I have made. 

I decided to add an olive oil/rosemary/sea salt topping and threw them in the oven hoping for the best. Straight out of the oven, I was delighted to note that there was a slight hint of potato chip in the flavour. As they cooled, the main difference I noted was the slight crispiness to the shell of the breads which I assume was from the starch in the potato. Such an interesting texture, and not at all chewy.

I really liked these, however the long proving time means that although I will make them again, they will not be my first choice for a last minute addition to a meal. 

A big puffy bowl of proving dough.

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