Wednesday, September 10, 2014

361/984 - Fennel and tomato fish soup

It has become such a habit to pick up The Cook's Companion when I am planning meals that I sometimes wonder how it is going to feel when this challenge is over. Last night's soup was again one of those recipes that I might not have bothered to try if it were not for this challenge....and what a shame that would have been! 

My favourite thing about this dish was the citrus zest. I say citrus and not orange, because the closest thing to an orange I had in the fruit bowl was a tangelo. The recipe called for a strip of zest and I added quite a large piece because I love the tangy flavour so much. Once the soup had been blended it added an incredible freshness that made me pleased I had over-zested!

This recipe was in the fennel chapter, and while I am sure the fennel added to the amazing flavour of this soup, it was interesting to note that it was a bit lost in the overall taste.

Blended to a smooth consistency, and then with the addition of potato cubes and fish, this was a really lovely meal. 

Of course made even better with the addition of wonderful home-made soda bread x

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