Saturday, September 27, 2014

369/984 - Baked ricotta with fennel, cumin and coriander

As if a dinner party is not busy enough to prepare for...of course I decided to make my own cheese too!

Making ricotta is such a fun little science experiment. Simply heat the milk and salt (and cream if you like) and add lemon juice or vinegar (I added both) and watch the magic happen. As the curds started to separate I removed them with a slotted spoon. I could see that there was still some creaminess to the liquid and so kept adding lemon juice and vinegar until the whey looked more like yellow water.

Three litres of milk made me enough ricotta to cook this recipe and also my modified version of palak paneer the following evening. 

I shaped the ricotta into a roll for baking, but due to the excessive fluid it slowly melted as it baked! No matter, a flat baked ricotta with toasted, ground spices was still fabulous, if a little unattractive. It was even better rolled inside a piece of home-made flatbread.

I kept the whey to add into our scrambled eggs and gave the remainder to the chickens.

Something for everybody x

Lovely ricotta, a very tomato-ey palak paneer, baked ricotta
and scrambled eggs with whey.

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