Friday, September 26, 2014

368/984 - Chickpeas with spinach

Just one element of a dinner party spread, this dish was simple and surprisingly lovely. This particular dinner party was in honour of my newest second cousin, baby James. Of course he was too little to partake but his parents were willing participants!

As per usual, I forgot to soak the chickpeas overnight. This is not really a problem for an early riser given that a few hours soaking in the morning is enough to do the trick. 

I decided to serve most of the dishes cold on this evening, and so after cooking the spinach, chickpeas and onion I popped them into the fridge. I also mixed up the yoghurt with mint and garlic and left that in the fridge separately, hoping that the garlic flavour would seep through the yoghurt by dinner time (which it did!).

We all adored this combination and with a pinch of paprika it was full of flavour. This one will definitely be repeated, and the yoghurt mix is likely to appear again as a dip or sauce for vegetables.

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