Monday, September 8, 2014

360/984 - Mandy's coconut and caramel slice

Who doesn't love a caramel slice? 

This version was not as sweet as the caramel slices I have eaten in the past and I think there were two reasons for this. Firstly I made this in quite a large pan which meant that it was thinner than usual. Secondly, the base was very different from the standard biscuit base, this one made from a wonderful mix of coconut, nuts, oats and cinnamon. 

This was the second half of my high tea Father's Day spread, a lovely sweet finish to the savoury cheese and onion scones. My eldest polished off five pieces before I could herd him away from the plate and I must confess to sneaking a couple of pieces in quick succession.

I love Stephanie's idea of making this without the caramel, turning the recipe into one for a lovely chocolate covered biscuit. 

Now to figure out how to ignore the rest of the slice which is beckoning me from the fridge...

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