Tuesday, September 2, 2014

357/984 - Sabee Sabee Kumala

This was such an interesting dish, and definitely one for lovers of sweet potato. The only challenging element was getting used to the taste of banana in a savoury dish!

We went shopping twice looking for green bananas, which seem to be available in abundance when not required, but the best we could come up with were ones that had just a hint of green about them. To be honest once I got over the surprise of the banana taste, I really liked their slightly tangy flavour, which was a lovely contrast to the sweet potato and pumpkin. The onion imparted a wonderful flavour to the coconut milk through the gentle cooking stage which I think rounded the dish out nicely.

The family were not huge fans of this one and so I happily devoured the leftovers in a couple of separate sittings. I love my funny little family; they will devour tongue, trotters, liver and brains but baulk at the addition of a couple of bananas to their evening meal. 

Go figure.

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