Saturday, September 13, 2014

363/984 - Yoghurt cheese pie

This pie was yum, yum, yum!

I adore Greek yoghurt and we always have a large tub in the fridge. The last tub I bought was a different brand to my usual pot set variety...and I didn't like it. This recipe was my way of getting rid of the last of the offending yoghurt, which I found weirdly creamy and not very nice at all. Hooray for an empty tub and a new bucket of Jalna on its way.

This pie also had a good lump of goat's cheese included which is one of our very favourite things. When I was buying it I was amused to find that the only variety available had black truffle included, which inflated the price but in the overall pie, made no difference to the taste whatsoever. 

I must confess to adding my eggs to this recipe in the most unusual way. I had five egg whites left over from my ice-cream adventure, and so used these along with four frozen egg yolks from the freezer. I didn't bother to thaw the egg yolks, but instead just blitzed them in the thermomix along with the rest of the ingredients. This explains the orange spots in my pie!

We ate this with an entire bunch of baked kale and some raw red capsicum. Absolutely wonderful. 

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