Thursday, September 11, 2014

362/984 - Rice-paper rolls with chicken filling

We love rice paper rolls in our house and so it is surprising that it has taken me this long to make this recipe. 

Something a lot of people might not realise is that there is more than one type of rice paper. The way to tell the difference is to look on the packet for either the word "deo" which means soft, or "sieu mong" which means very thin. These words indicate rice paper that can be softened quickly and are best for rice paper rolls that will be eaten immediately. All other types (that do not have "deo" or "sieu mong" on the packet) will be more suitable for rolls that are to be pre-made. 

Tonight we used sieu mong rice paper, gobbling up the rolls the minute they were made. 

We didn't mix all of the ingredients together, choosing instead to stack them on the rice paper in the amounts that suited us best. I like mine piled with cucumber and loads of coriander and with a good helping of roasted peanuts. 

We really must eat these more often; such an easy and fabulous meal and everybody rolls their own. Perfect!

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