Sunday, September 21, 2014

366/984 - Mouclade

Fairfield Farmer's market was on yesterday and we paid a little visit to Western Port Mussels. 

My family absolutely adores mussels and we are yet to find a mussels recipe we do not love. My lovely Henry helped me de-beard and clean the entire two kilograms and once that was done the recipe was a snap. 

I steamed the mussels in some white wine that I deemed not quite fabulous enough to drink, along with some shallots and cracked pepper. 

The creamy sauce was made with the reserved juices and was plate-lickingly fabulous. Pouring it over the mussels was interesting, with the shells catching the juice and sending it spraying around the kitchen. A word of warning - pour gently!

I decided to serve the mussels on top of a lovely fresh salad, which meant more bits and pieces for the juices to soak into. The best news? Plenty of leftover sauce to drizzle over my breakfast vegetables.  

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