Monday, January 12, 2015

405/1038 - Polynesian raw fish salad

Holidaying with friends for the last couple of weeks, I was enjoying being an occasional cook. Having four adults in one house meant that all tasks were casually rotated, and we each had a number of turns sitting around having a quiet drink and being waited on. 

One of the things I did enjoy doing was keeping the house stocked with fresh bread (and biscuits and cakes). Without my KitchenAid on hand, it was interesting to discover that I preferred the texture of the finished bread when it was kneaded by hand, rather than by a dough hook. Now that we are home I have continued to make my bread by hand and am more satisfied with the result. Go figure! It appears technology is not always the best option. 

On a day that was absolutely roasting, I decided that a cold dinner was in order and went shopping for some lovely fish to satisfy this recipe. I marinated it with lemons rather than limes, preferring to save the limes we had on hand to flavour our Coronas. I am fairly sure my priorities were in the appropriate order...

With chilli in the mix and served alongside fresh tomato and coriander, this was a refreshing and wonderfully cool dinner. 

...and the beers went down quite well too x

The magnificent view from our balcony

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