Saturday, January 17, 2015

406/1038 - Chicken breasts with almond sauce and guacamole

If you own a thermomix, or even a decent blender, this recipe is an absolute snap to make. The trick is to put the almonds in first and grind them to make almond meal. Then add all of the other ingredients (except the stock) and blend to a paste. 

When poaching the chicken I did find the times stated in the recipe to fall well short of the cooking time required. So much so that I ended up pulling out the fillets, slicing them and returning them to the pot to finish. 

Once the cooking was finally complete, we were a very happy little family. The poached chicken was lovely and moist, and the sauce...that sauce! Simply fabulous. The baked potato with guacamole finished the meal off beautifully, providing a salty and textural contrast to the wonderfully smooth chicken. 

I am thrilled that we have both leftover chicken and sauce; it will certainly be a race to the fridge tomorrow morning! 

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