Wednesday, January 28, 2015

409/1038 - Unpeeled sweet pepper salad

For those who are still holding on to the original, orange version of The Cook's Companion (hi Mum!), this post is for you! 

We were having fried halloumi for dinner and I was seeking a quick and fresh salad to serve alongside. My little family LOVE capsicum and so I was pleased to find this little gem. The recipe no longer exists in either of the rainbow versions of The Cook's Companion, and I only found it because I decided to trawl my challenge spreadsheet for ideas rather than flipping through the book, which can be a cumbersome exercise given its size.  

There are still eighteen recipes from the first edition and nine recipes from the second edition that I need to complete - none of which made it through to the latest publication. These include:

From the orange version: 
  1. Avocado mousse
  2. Cornflour batter
  3. Preserved cherries
  4. Fennel marinated fish
  5. Slow-roasted leg of lamb with dried beans
  6. Ham and ricotta stuffing for lamb
  7. Lime lover's punch
  8. Michael Boddy's sweet lime pickle
  9. Chinese noodle soup with pig's liver
  10. Pink grapefruit and campari granita
  11. Mechouia - Tunisian roasted vegetable salad
  12. Traditional roast leg of pork
  13. Potato drop scones
  14. Rhubarb muffins
  15. Traditional sage stuffing for goose, duck or turkey
  16. Sweet potato and prawn fritters
  17. Autumn salad with red and yellow tomatoes
  18. Smoked tongue with red pepper sauce
  19. Unpeeled sweet pepper salad (Tick!)

From the second edition:
  1. Whole cabbage stuffed with pork, liver and capers (I love the sound of this one!)
  2. Rosie's chicken dinners (a dish for the dog in your life)
  3. Marieke's chocolate cake
  4. George's chocolate nut cake
  5. Green salad with walnuts, grapes and verjuice
  6. Marieke's nectarine or peach tart
  7. Dany's tripe
  8. Michael's turnip dumplings
  9. Yabby salad with walnuts and potatoes

So now there is one less "old" recipe to complete. It was interesting that this recipe sees boiling water poured over the capsicum, which is then left to sit for thirty minutes. We regularly eat our capsicum lightly steamed and I suspect the result would be similar, and also a little faster done my way.

This salad went well with fried halloumi, and I liked it, but it wasn't one of my favourites. At least it was pretty! x

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