Tuesday, April 14, 2015

433/1038 - Mushroom custards

I spied a container of portobello mushrooms in the fridge as I was beginning dinner preparations last night and decided it was time to try out this custard recipe.

The custards were simple enough to make, but as per usual I had some trouble getting them out of the moulds looking perfect. With a piece missing from the side of this one, I decided a photo of the custard in the mould was much more attractive! Given my inability to consistently unmould custards, I was certainly playing the safe option serving these to my family rather than at a dinner party. 

The flavour of the custard was very rich, thanks to the fabulous rehydrated porcinis I included in the mix. We ate the custards with my chia seed meatloaf (nice combination!) and also slathered on slices of freshly baked rye caraway bread. 

Lovely x

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