Sunday, April 19, 2015

435/1038 - Lois's almond and orange biscuits

These biscuits are so good they should be illegal! 

I completely changed the shape they were supposed to be, due to my almonds not being ground as finely as they could have been. I was fairly sure my mixture would not hold together in a log formation and so opted for these semi-squashed balls instead. 

There was a moment of panic when I was about to make the drizzling syrup and realised I had allowed my youngest to drink the remainder of the orange juice. Thankfully I had not squeezed the orange completely and was able to eke out just enough to make the syrup appropriately orange flavoured.

As is customary in our house, I sent a biscuit along to school with my youngest for his teacher to eat for morning tea. Apparently this one was a winner, with my son passing on his teacher's request for the recipe.

Unfortunately for my figure I ate around half of these. Given my desire to remain a reasonable size, I will be unlikely to make them again in the near future. 

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