Friday, February 5, 2016

500/1038 - Rose's foolproof ganache

Goodness, what a milestone! Four and a half years of cooking and I finally feel I have made a decent dint in this challenge. How appropriate that recipe number five hundred was a celebratory one! 

It was my son's birthday this week and he requested a chocolate mud cake. It is one of my least favourite cakes, but of course I obliged. When it is your birthday in this house, nobody else's opinion matters when it comes to the food choices. To make him extra happy, I decided to coat his calorie-laden slab with Rose's foolproof ganache, which amusingly I somehow managed to mess up! With a bit of quick thinking it was able to be recovered but I did have a quiet giggle that I flubbed a recipe with the word foolproof in the title.

With LOADS of ganache left over, I whipped up some strawberry macarons and sandwiched the ganache in between each pair. 

A decadent week for our family indeed x 

The actual reason for making the ganache!

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