Thursday, February 18, 2016

502/1038 - Mediterranean baked fish - a one-pot dish

A few weeks ago I bought the most beautiful snapper from the Vic market but sadly had to come home and put it in the freezer, along with the many other packages that I bought way too many of! 

To be honest, the fish was so incredible it would not have mattered how we cooked it; the tasty topping becoming the icing on a very delicious cake.

Even my youngest ate the olives which was a bit of a surprise. He eats most things but olives are something we haven't quite got over the line with him just yet. We have a rule in our house that has turned him from a picky eater into quite the little gourmand; if there is something on your plate you don't like, you must eat at least one mouthful and then take it or leave it as you like. I like to call this 'palate conditioning' and it has worked a treat with most foods. My favourite meals are those where a corner is turned and my youngest exclaims, "Ooh, I like such and such now!". Even he enjoys telling people how this technique taught him to like eggplant. Olives next...

The tomatoes I used were picked fresh from the garden, and due to their small size I did not peel or seed them. There is simply nothing like a home grown tomato; so sweet and ridiculously tasty!

Another lovely meal and recipe 502 done and dusted x

Beautiful tomatoes, straight from the garden

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