Monday, November 12, 2012

214/656 - Cantaloupe ice-cream

I remember many (many) years ago when my Dad used to buy our vanilla ice-cream in boxes, and each little oblong serve was individually wrapped in paper. As I was putting this ice-cream on the plate it reminded me of those neat little ice-cream blocks, and I wondered when they disappeared from the shops.

I had a spare cantaloupe in the fridge and so bought some cream with this recipe in mind. I was very amused when Trev told me that a second cantaloupe had been delivered to the house, and that he had helpfully cut them both into small pieces, ready to eat. What he did not realise is that this ice-cream needed to be frozen inside the intact rind. Off to the shops I went for a third cantaloupe!

Getting off the topic just slightly, I had so much cantaloupe to use up that I decided to create a new smoothie. Take some vanilla yoghurt, piles of cantaloupe, about 6 strawberries, a handful of mint and a tiny piece of ginger, blend, and then add a handful of slivered almonds for crunch. Yummm....

Back to the ice-cream! It was very easy to make; the major challenges were a) willing the chooks to lay as I was two eggs short (they obliged) and b) purchasing ANOTHER bottle of alcohol. Honestly for a light drinker my liquor cabinet has never looked so good! Kirsch this time, and in the past Stephanie's recipes have required brandy, spiced rum, white rum, cognac... I think I feel a cocktail party coming on. And a black forest cake to use up the Kirsch! 

Served with fresh strawberries, cherries, Holy Goat fromage frais and mint this was the perfect summer dessert. Even better than ice-cream served in little paper packages.