Sunday, November 25, 2012

216/656 - Raw beetroot and yoghurt salad

I love raw food, not only because it's good for you, but also because it is always so beautifully and naturally coloured.

Stephanie has several no-cook recipes in this book which are incredibly quick and easy to create. On the night I made this Trev was making hamburgers and I decided to have mine deconstructed and sans bun. 

While Trev worked on making his delectable signature burger patties, I was chopping capsicum, lettuce, tomato and herbs to lighten the meal. To make the salad I simply threw a raw beetroot, herbs and lemon juice into the thermomix and blitzed. So much easier than grating! The yummy pink pile was then dropped onto a mound of natural yoghurt and oh my, what a combination! 

My hamburger with the lot (including fried egg and onions!) was absolutely amazing and I didn't miss the bun at all. 

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