Saturday, November 17, 2012

215/656 - Chinese soy dipping sauce

My family love prawns, especially freshly steamed ones. We could happily eat them plain, dipped in a sauce, smeared with mayonnaise, sprinkled with herbs; really any variation you can throw at us we would be in to.  

On this day we were all getting peckish in the afternoon. I threw on some prawns to steam and while they were cooking I whipped up this lovely sauce. Soft brown sugar, white rice vinegar, a knob of fresh ginger (blitzed in the thermomix) and light soy. If I make this again I think I would also add some chopped fresh chilli and maybe some fresh coriander, if only to make it more attractive!  

Three of us (not Jules!) loved the sauce and even enjoyed the remainder tipped over our salad at dinner. 

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