Monday, November 5, 2012

212/656 - Spanakopita

Hooray, another chapter finished!

My mum had a crazy amount of spinach growing and so I took a load off her hands and turned it into spanakopita. It was very easy to make, but anybody who has made this before will see that I did not follow the instructions re tucking the pastry neatly down the sides. I think it looks prettier this way, but to be honest it looks like this because I was being a little bit lazy...  

With three chapters down I have decided I should be sharing at least one learning from each, and so I am going to backtrack a bit here;
  1. Rabbit chapter (completed April 2012). My learning: A rabbit that is fresh will have a glistening liver. I dare anybody to ask for a liver inspection when they are purchasing! I suspect that would not go down well with the butcher.
  2. Bread chapter (completed September 2012). My learning: Spraying the loaf with water while it is baking will make your crusts crustier! 
  3. Spinach. My learning: Spinach was first cultivated by the Persians. A fact to share with fussy children to make this tricky vegetable sound more exotic and tempting. 
So much more than just a cookbook.

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