Wednesday, October 31, 2012

211/656 - Jenny's caesar salad

Who doesn't love a caesar salad? 

This is a lovely version of what is a favourite salad for many people. I have only made this a few times, but each time I am thrilled with the taste, in particular the glorious dressing and the many interesting bits and pieces that are thrown in to ensure this is not a dieters meal! 

The dressing calls for a half cup of olive oil, however I have found a quarter of a cup to be plenty. Amusingly I ended up tipping the other quarter cup into the pan as I was frying my croutons as I seemed to run out of lovely fats as I was attempting to make them lovely and crisp. It was worth it, they were fabulous! 

Fried bacon bits, crispy croutons, gooey eggs, freshly grated parmesan (actually pulverised in the Thermomix!) and the list goes on! If you like a caesar salad I guarantee you will love this version.

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