Wednesday, October 24, 2012

208/656 - Trotters with velouté sauce

How timely to be talking about gorgeous free range pork as the Animals Australia "Make It Possible" campaign is in full swing. If you haven't already watched their campaign video on factory farming, do yourself a favour. On a much more positive note, I made a couple of purchases from Bundarra Berkshires on the weekend. I cannot rave enough about how wonderful and sweet their pork tastes and I am so pleased that my first go at cooking trotters was done with the feet of one of their very happy pigs.

The trotters needed to be cooked for four hours and so this recipe was a two day effort. So on Sunday night I was expecting a simple meal, having only to make the velouté sauce. What I didn't expect was the one man tug o'war that ensued as I attempted to pull the cooked trotters from the jellied stock. It was as I imagine a cowboy would feel, having to pull his horse from quicksand. 

I have no idea if the skin was supposed to be part of the plan, but one look and I decided I wasn't brave enough to eat it. Quite frankly I think I was brave cooking trotters in the first place! I gave the skin to our very happy dog and proceeded to pull every bit of meat I could from the bones. The chopped meat and velouté sauce were then popped into the oven to reheat for serving

Stephanie advised that this concoction would be fabulous on toast and I just happened to have a lovely fresh loaf available, not long out of the oven. I could not believe how much the kids enjoyed this! Plates were cleaned in record time and I even caught them scraping away at the gratin dish making sure there was not a skerrick left

With four trotters recipes left to make it's a lucky thing it was so popular.

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