Friday, October 26, 2012

209/656 - Mushroom tartlets

I do love an excuse to make some home made pastry. 

Last Sunday was baking day and I had picked up some lovely Swiss Browns at the Fairfield Farmers' Market the day before that I knew must be put to good use! To be honest I did plan the purchase in advance as I am on a mission to complete at least one recipe from each chapter (challenge within a challenge?) and surprisingly had not yet cooked a mushroom recipe. 83 chapters sampled, only 31 until I can say I have sampled them all! Hello tripe and kidneys...

The gorgeous mushrooms were sautéed with cream and spices, and then put inside lovely shortcrust pastry lined patty tins. Whilst I thought the flavour of these really lovely, I did find the pastry to mushroom ratio a bit off, with the pastry dominating just a little. I even had some pastry left over so if I made this again I think I would definitely double the mushroom mixture so I could stuff more of the little suckers in 

Overall a very nice recipe. But if you don't alter the quantities, just make sure your pastry is fabulous.


  1. OMG I didn't know there was a Fairfield farmers market - I normally do my grocery shopping on Station St in Fairfield, I'll have to try the farmers market next month!
    Oh, and your tartlets look AMAZING! I'm not good at making pastry, so this looks like good practice for me!! Mushrooms are delicious :D

    1. It's a lovely little market with such a nice vibe. Who knows we may be rubbing shoulders at the mushroom stall in November!