Saturday, July 19, 2014

345/984 - No mess polenta

I confess, the Cook's Companion challenge is a hybrid. When I upgraded to the rainbow book and updated my recipe spreadsheet (go ahead, you can laugh) I realised Stephanie had decided to drop a number of recipes from the orange book when publishing the new one. 

Being a person that values integrity, I just couldn't bring myself to continue without keeping all of the cross over recipes from the orange book in the challenge. It just wouldn't have felt as if I had TRULY finished when I got to the end. This recipe is one that actually did make it to the new book, but it is no longer listed as an actual recipe. But in my challenge it still counts!

Cooking polenta in this way is so simple, but it still takes some time. The polenta sits in a bowl over a simmering saucepan and is covered with foil and stirred every twenty minutes. The first night we ate this I served it as is, sprinkled with parmesan, salt and pepper. The boys were not impressed.

The second night I was determined to redeem myself. The polenta was quite firmly set and so I blended it with fresh rosemary, parmesan and a good dollop of truffle oil. I spread the new concoction in a tray and baked it at 180°C until it was set. 

The boys were thrilled! 

I took some squares to work for a colleague to taste because he had said that he had not tried truffles before. I realise truffle oil is not the same as fresh but I thought it would give him the general idea. He declared it to be the best polenta he had ever eaten. 


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