Thursday, July 17, 2014

A very enjoyable three years...

This week I ticked over three years since 'The Cook's Companion Challenge' began. What a ride it has been!

As I do each year, I thought I would list some of the little things that have happened along the way. In the last three years I have:

  - cooked at least one recipe from 97 of the 123 chapters
  - had wonderful conversations with people I would otherwise have never met
  - begun to cook from the margin as well as the main recipes, with 53 micro recipes completed
  - finished cooking everything in two chapters (prawns and broccoli)
  - maintained my average of cooking a main recipe from the Cook's Companion every three days
  - finally cooked more than one third of the recipes in the basics chapter, with 14 of 37 complete
  - had more than 40,000 hits to the blog

My cooking and blogging keeps me sane in the midst of an otherwise busy life, and to date has been the most fulfilling "hobby" I have adopted. 

As always, thank you to everybody who is still riding this crazy cooking wave with me.

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