Thursday, July 31, 2014

349/984 - Bashed neeps

Bashed neeps. Honestly is that the sweetest and most obscure name for a recipe you have ever heard?

Apparently "neep" is the British term for a swede, which is exactly what this recipe was made from. The boys were dubious, with Henry thinking I was trying to pass off some soft polenta as something completely different. He really is still scarred from the last, slightly under-seasoned, soft polenta incident.  

I ordinarily love swede, but I must confess my love for it grew exponentially after tasting it this way! So simple, but so lovely. The swede is boiled and mashed and then mixed with butter (quite a bit), white pepper (one of my favourite things!) and a pinch of ground ginger. 

Such a lovely alternative to mashed potato and the family gave it six very happy thumbs up. 

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