Wednesday, July 23, 2014

346&347/984 - Classic corned beef with mustard sauce (and sauce ravigote)

My husband is a man with an old fashioned sense about him. He still calls the pictures the flicks, loves old movies (Ben Hur, The great escape, every Bond film ever made), old music (Frank Sinatra, Shirley Bassey) and classic old dishes such as corned beef.   

So I made this with him in mind. 

I decided this was a Sunday dish given the hours of cooking I knew it would require and also because I knew I wanted to make the mustard sauce and sauce ravigote to be served alongside. 

The dish was very well received although feedback included a question around whether the carrots (yellow and orange, pretty hey?) should have been steamed separately rather than cooked in the salty stock, given the overall saltiness of the dish. I liked it as it was but it is food for thought for anybody else thinking about taking this recipe on. 

I thought this was a wonderful dish and was thrilled to find that I was left with enough stock to make a risotto this week. We also loved the little pickling onions and my littlest son was most amused to see his onion "do a poo" as the middle slid out when he stabbed it with a fork. 

For the record the mustard sauce was wonderful (and easy) and the sauce ravigote was incredible with the meat. A highly recommended trio indeed.

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