Monday, March 9, 2015

426/1038 - Lion's head meatballs with Chinese cabbage

I do love a recipe with a fabulous name! 

As my children so aptly described tonight's dinner, these meatballs are just like the inside of a delicious pork dumpling. Only of course it would need to be one big dumpling to fit these babies in! The meatballs are large, as big as a fist, and full of wonderful Asian flavours including soy sauce, rice wine and fresh ginger.

Simmering for two hours on the stove resulted in lovely light balls that I served smothered in Chinese cabbage with brown rice, steamed capsicum and plenty of the chicken stock they were cooked in. 

Having already added a good pinch of river salt to the pork mixture, I found that all my dinner needed was a good crack of pepper to finish it off. 

The family were big fans of this dish and everybody hurried back for seconds. Even so, we still have plenty left for tomorrow night which I am thinking I might extend with more liquid to make it more of a soupy affair. 

Options everywhere. 

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