Monday, March 30, 2015

430/1038 - Cha siu-style pork

I have had this recipe ear-marked for more than a week now but, due to a small misunderstanding, this is the first time I have actually had all of the required ingredients to hand.

After an incident with a rather large huntsman, lots of bug spray and a car door that was not closed properly, my adored little Smart car has been sitting idle for the past week with a flat battery. As such, I asked my husband to pick me up some red rice vinegar, the only ingredient I was lacking for this wonderful recipe. 

Apparently when you are only semi-listening, red rice vinegar sounds a lot like red rice...and so that's what he came home with! No matter, we had a lovely meal that evening with red rice the star, supported by steamed trout and steamed veg.

Today he came through with the goods, having spent quite some time searching at the local Chinese grocer. I excitedly threw together the cha-sui marinade and spent the next four hours intermittently rotating my pork and inhaling its wonderful aroma.

This was actually a very simple recipe, but one that created a lot of mess! Marinating dish, draining rack, oven rack and drip tray...there was a lot to clean up. Thankfully it was worth it. (Easily said given I was not on dishes duty!) It smelled so good the boys began tucking in almost the second it came out of the oven.

The actual reason I made this was to include it in my bok choy with fermented beans, which I also made for dinner tonight.

Post to come! x

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  1. Making char sui pork from scratch! This sounds like something my husband (and any man alive) would die for! Will you be sharing a recipe with us? Thank you for making me hungry ;)