Tuesday, March 17, 2015

428/1038 - Sweet potato and prawn fritters

This recipe takes us way, way back to the original edition of The Cook's Companion and also represents my fourth chapter completed. I can imagine what you are thinking - almost four years into the challenge and only four chapters finished? In my defence, I do like to spread my cooking around and try to focus on the chapters with more recipes left to cook. This plan should also mean that I am not left with a multitude of recipes centred around the same ingredient at the end of the challenge. There is, as always, method in my madness. 

I will confess to messing about with this recipe a little, omitting the sugar and replacing the flours for coconut and a gluten free flour blend that I purchased recently from Pomona cafe. I also replaced some of the coconut milk with water, purely because I had trebled the recipe and didn't have enough. Last but not least, I used coconut oil for frying. My fritters were little oil suckers and I had to keep adding it to the pan as I fried. This upped the coconut flavour quite a bit, which of course was a fabulous outcome.

I really liked these, as did the family. We ate them on top of raw cabbage and carrot, to counteract the decadence of the fritters. A fabulous addition to our dinner was a drizzle of the fiery sweet chilli sauce recently purchased from Darwin chilli co. Such a fabulous taste, but wow did it blow our socks off!

I have quite a bit of fritter mixture left over, which I cooked up in a scrambled fashion in the pan. I confess this was mainly because I was tired of making patties! I imagine tonight's dinner will either be a crustless quiche or perhaps little home made pasties.

Leftovers really are one of my favourite things.

Darwin Chilli Co. sauces that recently landed on my very
lucky doorstep. Amazing product from a small family business.
(This enormous quantity was an order for my extended
family, we are not crazy chilli heads!)
Post Script! I made a beautiful oven bake from the leftovers with fresh corn, chorizo, egg and spring onion. 


I love leftovers!

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