Thursday, March 12, 2015

427/1038 - Cabbage salad with anchovy sauce

Calling all anchovy lovers...this recipe is fabulous! 

I had plenty of cabbage left over from the lion's head meatball recipe (it was enormous!) and so decided that this salad could be the basis of a lovely meal. I do try to sneak at least two vegetarian meals past my family each week and this one was absolutely wonderful. My reasons for doing this are threefold; health-based (a balanced diet must be a good thing!), environmental (read: less meat production) and ethical (I would much rather eat animals which are raised humanely, therefore it is logical that I should not expect to be able to eat meat every day). 

So for this dinner I started with potatoes, which I sliced, oiled, salted and baked. Next step was to put the salad together as it needed to sit for at least thirty minutes before eating. I used beautiful white anchovies instead of the grey, salted variety as their taste is quite mild and I tend to keep them on hand for recipes such as this. Oh and also for random snacking, which I do frequently. The salad literally took a couple of minutes to put together - my kind of salad! 

Once the salad was resting it was time to slice a pile of Swiss browns and pan fry them in lots of butter. My family adore mushrooms done this way and so I knew that no matter what the rest of dinner tasted like, I would be on to a winner. 

Last of all I lightly fried a thick piece of halloumi for each member of the family. I would normally do this in oil but given there was a fair amount of butter still in the pan I used that instead. Stacking it all together, I was conscious that a bit of colour might have been nice. Given that this was a Wednesday night dinner for my family (and not a fancy dinner party) I didn't bother to rectify this. 

The flavour combination of these elements was nothing short of fabulous! The sweetness of the buttery mushrooms was beautifully offset by the saltiness of the potatoes and halloumi, and the anchovy salad gave the dish a wonderful flavour burst.

Very happy with this one x

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