Monday, June 15, 2015

447/1038 - Marieke's chocolate cake

With our chickens still going great guns, I decided that today's cooking adventures would be all about eggs. As well as an open egg, bacon and chive tart which was absolutely amazing, I decided that a chocolate cake would be a fabulous choice for dessert. 

Confession time: I have made this cake once before! It is cooked in a water bath and last time I made it I was mortified to see that water had leaked into the tin, making the bottom of the cake soggy. I actually managed to rescue it, baking it again to dry it out, but decided not to post it anyway. 

So this is Marieke's chocolate cake, take 2.

I decided to halve the ganache amount and still felt I had plenty to spread around, so I would definitely recommend this tip to others! 

Not only were there were groans of happiness as my family took their first bites of this, but my husband has vowed to head for seconds before the night is through. 


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