Wednesday, June 24, 2015

450, 451 & 452/1038 - Abalone 3 ways: Steamed/Sautéed with butter and lemon/With soy and ginger

With a bunch of beautiful abalone to hand (and uncertainty with regards to when I will have more) I decided to cook them a number of ways instead of using them all for one recipe. I am really glad I did too, because the recipe that turned out to be my least favourite was the one I was originally going to cook for us all!

The first method was by far my favourite and can be seen in the picture above. Coated in smoking oil, soy and spring onion, these were bursting with flavour. I used coconut instead of peanut oil which I can highly recommend! 

The second method I loved was simply steamed and then covered in soy and ginger. So, so simple but of course soy sauce is one of my favourite things and so it was almost a given that I would love this one too. 

The third and final method was to sauté the sliced abalone in butter and oil with garlic and parsley. My youngest liked this one the best. I thought it was lovely but think I preferred the slightly fresher flavour of the other two. It certainly is a first world problem, comparing abalone recipes! 

So there we have it folks - milestone 450 achieved with a bang x

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