Tuesday, June 23, 2015

449/1038 - George's chocolate nut cake

This cake responded to my keeping up with our constant stream of eggs and also the seemingly never-ending appetite of my hungry boys.

Out came the second version of The Cook's Companion for this recipe as it appears not to have made the cut for the final edition. It satisfied my needs as it required nine eggs (hooray!) and also ingredients I already had in the pantry. Admittedly there is not much I don't keep in my pantry!

Almond meal is something I always make myself in the thermomix using slivered almonds, but on this occasion I was down to my last handful. I substituted for whole almonds which I thought worked beautifully, providing a slightly earthier texture and taste. 

This cake was is incredibly moist in the middle and light on top. We loved the texture the whole almonds gave the cake and I was pleased I left my meal more coarse than usual. My husband came home late and so sadly missed out on the double cream we devoured before he arrived.  

With or without cream, this was definitely another hit x

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