Wednesday, June 17, 2015

448/1038 - Crab cakes

My own little crabby patties! (Apologies to those who are not across the whole SpongeBob caper...)

I do love a good fish cake and these definitely delivered. I made the beautiful golden breadcrumbs from a leftover soda bread and I am sure their milky flavour enhanced the finished product. Sticking with the truly home-made theme, I also whipped up a batch of mayonnaise to include in (and serve with) the patties. 

I decided to bake rather than fry these and so melted some butter and poured it over the top before I popped them in the oven to ensure they weren't completely boring. If I made them again I would redo this step but with even more butter! 

We ate these with gherkins and a lovely fresh fennel, spinach and orange salad.


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