Wednesday, November 4, 2015

486/1038 - Mechouia - Tunisian roasted vegetable salad

There are thirty six recipes in the first edition of The Cook's Companion which did not make the cut for the second (or third) versions. This is one of those recipes and it was delicious! The only reason I can think that it might have been cut is its similarity to peperonata, which appears in all three versions. 

This was a bit fiddly to make and so perhaps not for everybody. The peppers were roasted and then peeled, finely diced and mixed together with roasted garlic and tomato. The mixture was then doused in olive oil, lemon juice and scattered with capers, which I chopped finely.

I actually made this to take to a cup day barbecue but was thrilled to have some leftovers all to myself. For lunch today I toasted one of my little bread rolls (I have the knack of being able to flick tiny sized bread out of my toaster!) and ate it with a slice of boiled egg and a good spoonful of mechouia. 

A fabulous combination! x

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