Monday, November 23, 2015

489/1038 - Lemon salad based on Marcella's

What you see above is but a portion of this wonderful salad. I thought I would make one small, pretty plate to photograph and then a messier, more thrown together version for our dinner. Once the photograph was taken, I had a small taste...which turned into the entire plate disappearing in record time! 

What an absolutely delicious combination. I had always passed by this unusual salad on my way through the chapter for lemons and limes, wondering what on earth a lemon salad would taste like. The answer is summery, fresh, zingy and absolutely fabulous. 

Even better, I served this for dinner (the remainder that I didn't eat!) with a new dish that I created which consisted of Lebanese couscous cooked in a risotto style, with sliced chicken thighs thrown in for the last ten minutes. The result was sort of like a creamy chicken casserole to which I added an enormous handful of chopped herbs, fresh from the garden.

Mixing this salad through the "casserole" as we ate, we were thrilled with how well one complemented the other. The slight saltiness of the lemons has inspired me to add preserved lemons to my couscous casserole which I will definitely be making again.

Now to try and remember what I put in there x

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