Tuesday, November 3, 2015

485/1038 - Almond frangipane tart

It was Melbourne Cup day today and we were lucky enough to be invited to a friend's barbecue to celebrate. Knowing we would be served wonderful food and drink, I was keen to contribute to the table and so took along a roasted pepper salad (post to come), a batch of fresh bread rolls and this lovely tart. 

I don't generally have flaked almonds in the house and so used slivered almonds as the tart topping instead. I thought they worked wonderfully, adding a much needed crunch to what is quite a soft tart. 

The proof was, as they say, in the pudding. Nervous to serve an untested recipe to so many people I had not met before, I was so pleased when the feedback came back positive. 

I did manage to sneak a small piece for myself and was pleased to find the pastry slightly crumbly and the filling delicately flavoured, with just a hint of cognac coming through. 

Another lovely tart x 

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