Friday, October 30, 2015

484/1038 - Sautéed cauliflower

1,569 days into this challenge and I am only just finishing my twelfth chapter out of one hundred and twenty five.

I sometimes worry that I will get to the last leg of this challenge and will be left with a whole pile of recipes with tricky ingredients! This fear stems mainly from the fact that so often I will trawl the book looking for recipes which contain ingredients I already have in the house. How lazy is that? 

The only thing stopping me from cooking this simple little dish sooner was the addition of anchovies, which I haven't had in the house since I whizzed them up with sardines and made some home-made anchovette (which was fabulous by the way!). 

In my last couple of posts I have written about the wonderful haul I carted home from the Asian grocer in Glen Waverley, and one element of that shop was a bag of dried anchovies.They worked very well as a replacement for the marinated kind and also added a little salt kick to the dish. 

As a result of the wonderful flavour in this dish, we ate almost an entire head of cauliflower with our dinner and the boys asked for more - definitely a good sign! 

A little update on chapters finished to date;

          Sweet potatoes
          Asian greens
          ...and now cauliflowers!

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