Friday, October 16, 2015

479/1038 - Tuscan lentil purée

Hamburgers were on the menu tonight and the thinking was that this lentil purée would be a lovely addition to the burger ensemble - perhaps smeared on the buns? 

Instead of stock I decided to use the water drained from the cooked lentils, with a tiny dash of stock powder. Seemed a shame to waste the lovely lentil flavoured water! I gave the remainder to the chooks mixed with a handful of oats and they thought it was pretty fabulous too. 

Not expecting anything spectacular, I was beside myself with happiness when this purée was made and I realised that IT WAS FANTASTIC! Plans changed quickly and I dumped most of it into the beef mixture, creating my very own tasty beef and lentil burgers. 

Beef and lentil burgers
I always bake my burger patties and must admit I had no idea what would happen to the lentils after a stint in the oven. 

All went well - the patties were moist and wonderful and tasted incredible. With an oozy egg and home-made bun, dinner wasn't the healthiest, but gee it tasted good. 

Beef & lentil burgers with a freshly home-made bun

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