Wednesday, October 21, 2015

480/1038 - Baked custard tart

Custard tarts are a favourite dessert of mine from my childhood, although I never actually ate one that was made at home. A custard tart was always something that was bought from a bakery; all of which were a standard consistency with a wobbly but rather firm filling, which was quite yellow in colour. They were always sprinkled with a good amount of nutmeg.

I finally got around to making this little baby and eagerly awaited my first taste, expecting to be instantly transported to my childhood. At first I was disappointed, the filling being fluffier and lighter than I expected and the taste being less...well...custardy. 

After the second and third bites, however, I realised that this tart was so much better than those I had remembered. The filling did not include any custard powder or flour, therefore keeping it light, fluffy, and tasting more like cream than heavy custard. The crust was absolutely fabulous too, being made from scratch and coated in an egg white wash which made it even crunchier than usual.

Desserts are an interesting prospect in my house. It is, quite surprisingly, a rare thing for all four family members to agree that a dessert is both absolutely wonderful and also one they would like to see making a repeat performance. 

The presentation, and subsequent eating of this tart, was one of those rare times in which we were all on the same page.

10/10 from all family members...and the tart disappeared in two days. 

Dessert win x


  1. This looks great Kate! It's so hard to find a good custard tart nowadays! May have to borrow the cookbook just for this recipe ;)

  2. Miss Food Fairy, I can not believe you don't have this book! You should put it on your Christmas wish list, it's a must have in the kitchen. Challenge aside, it's such a go to book for me when I am seeking food information x