Friday, October 9, 2015

476/1038 - Coconut tart

This tart is one I have been keen to make for a long time. All of the ingredients generally sit in my pantry or fridge - except cream which is where I come unstuck each time I look to make it. 

Of course I made my own pastry but was a bit worried about doing it in the heat of the day and so had my trusty ice pack on hand to keep my hands and implements cool. I decided to make shortcrust instead of Stephanie's sweet version because it is much easier to handle, and I was already concerned about the consistency with the temperature of the day already topping 30°C. To compensate, I added a good sprinkle of icing sugar to the pastry before putting it in the fridge for the first chill.

The tart filling was ridiculously easy to put together (put everything in the Thermomix and press start!) but I did find that I ended up with a bit too much. No matter, I simply poured the extra into a ramekin and cooked it alongside the tart. My little one and I do love to dig our spoons in as soon as something comes out of the oven so we were both very pleased.

The most expensive thing about this tart was the three limes but they were absolutely worth the money, beautifully balancing the sweetness of the coconut.

This was another fabulous dessert which was wonderful with cream, but in hindsight I wish I had also saved some of the lemon zest to sprinkle over the top.

...and yes, the pastry was fabulous too x

Making pastry on a hot day requires an ice pack to keep things cool!

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