Friday, November 6, 2015

487/1038 - Haricot beans in cream sauce

I realise my pantry is unusual in that I can easily put my hand to some haricot beans, but don't usually carry basics such as cream or celery. Enter Mum.

There is something special about living so close to your mum that you can ask her over for a coffee and she can turn up within 15 minutes..."and by the way Mum, would you mind bringing half a cup of cream and some celery with you?"

My lovely Mum came through and the haricot beans became a lovely side dish, dressing and sauce for the rest of our meal. 

Being high in fructose (which is far from my friend) I did struggle a bit after dinner but the taste was absolutely worth it. My sensitive little stomach was pleased to discover that we now have only one recipe left in the dried beans chapter; one of thirteen on the brink of completion!

Expect to see many milestones (including the big FIVE-OH-OH) very soon x

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