Sunday, February 9, 2014

310/984 - Banana muffins

It's a hot, hot day in Melbourne today and if I had any sense I would be leaving the oven well alone. But we are stuck inside escaping the heat, and so what is a girl to do but cook?

I decided to make banana muffins, given the pile of bananas that were beginning to go black in my fruit bowl. In the margin on page 119 Stephanie advised that 150g of mashed banana could be added to the muffin recipe along with the other wet ingredients. I had around twice that (which I really wanted to use up!) and so decided to see what would happen if I threw it all in. What a maverick!

I was a bit concerned as I spooned the batter into the muffin tins, given that it looked like a big pile of mashed banana with a little bit of flour in it. My fears were unfounded however, and out of the oven came slightly wobbly muffins that cooled perfectly and are so full of banana it is fabulous! 

Muffins are definitely not the healthiest snack, but if you are looking for a sweet treat or an occasional sweet thing for lunchboxes (adult and child alike!) at least homemade muffins are made with natural ingredients and not a load of scary sounding chemicals and preservatives. 

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