Wednesday, February 26, 2014

316/984 - Rosemary 'pesto'

We are lucky enough to have a very substantial rosemary bush that serves us all year round. Tonight's pizzas featured Stephanie's rosemary 'pesto' which was a lovely base for my topping of mushroom, capsicum, apple and fetta. It was simple enough to make, with my Thermomix doing all of the work combining the garlic, pine nuts, rosemary and oil. 

I used Stephanie's buttermilk pizza crust recipe tonight but replaced the buttermilk with a mixture of milk and natural yoghurt which seemed to work quite well. For every cup, I used about two tablespoons of milk and the remainder of yoghurt. To ensure the pizzas did not stick as I slid them into the oven, I sat the dough on a dusting of flour and semolina, which I also used on my pizza stone. 

The boys both requested Margherita pizzas (extra cheesy!) and so avoided the pesto altogether, using oregano as their herb of choice. Of course this means lovely leftovers so I will be looking for another use for this tomorrow!

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