Tuesday, February 11, 2014

312/984 - Chinese stir-fry of garlic chives and bean sprouts

This may not look like much but wait until you taste it! 

As ever I was keen to use up some of our beautiful garlic chives which is why this recipe caught my eye. At Stephanie's suggestion I planned to serve this with chicken and rice and organised for Trev to barbecue the chicken as only he knows how.

I had no idea how absolutely fabulous this would be, and when it was made I idly scooped some up for a taste. More excited than I am willing to admit, I dashed into the other room to give Trev a taste and we both agreed that it was amazing and also that there was not nearly enough on the plate to satisfy our family! Given that it only took seconds to make I decided to make it again, double the amount this time! 

Later that day when the rice and chicken were ready, I threw my now tripled amount of chives and sprouts (and delicious sauce) into the pan to reheat, along with some carrots and mushrooms. 

If you own this book and would like a ridiculously fast way of livening up a meal, you must try this!

Post script: I just realised that I forgot to share a very important substitution that I made! I replaced the oil with coconut oil, which I use like it is going out of fashion. I have no doubt this decadence enhanced the loveliness of this dish. 

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