Thursday, February 20, 2014

315/984 - Ratatouille

When I piled the first half of the vegetables into the pan to cook, I was a bit shocked at the amount and seriously questioned whether I should have halved this recipe. When the dish was cooked and I had my first taste, I was glad I hadn't!

I was in a bit of a rush to get dinner on the table by the time the tomatoes were to be added to the pan and so I threw them in unpeeled. As if to keep the universe in balance, I peeled the zucchini instead! This is not something I would normally do but the enormous zucchini I had picked from the garden was lovely inside but had unfortunately turned a bit woody on the outside and down one end. My chickens were thrilled with the extra scraps so I didn't feel too guilty throwing some away. 

I can highly recommend cooking the onions for a long enough time that they start to caramelise, convinced that this was the reason my ratatouille was so wonderfully sweet. 

Being the resourceful person that I am, and also because this recipe makes an ENORMOUS pile of ratatouille, we ate this three ways over three nights. The first night we ate it as is, alongside slices of barbecued chicken. The second night was tipped over pasta as a simple sauce, and day number three saw the remainder baked in the oven with eggs, chorizo and leftover pasta. 

I am still not sure which version I preferred!

Ratatouille, chorizo and pasta bake. 

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