Sunday, February 9, 2014

311/984 - Grape gratin

We were all a bit sceptical about this dish. Heating grapes and yoghurt, in my mind, is a bit odd and I expected to be a bit underwhelmed by the taste. My oh my, how wrong I was! 

I got a bit impatient waiting for the sugar/ginger combination to caramelise under the griller given that I had already waited a day since I packed my ramekins with grapes and yoghurt. I whipped out my blowtorch to hurry things along and was temporarily elevated toward hero status as the boys sat by, mesmerised by my handy flame-work. 

The only disappointing thing about this dessert was the amount; I could have eaten twice this much! Which would have been completely gluttonous of course, and so one ramekin per person is actually the quantity I will stick with when I make this again. The ground ginger in the sugar was unbelievably good and I think I will add some to the topping of my next crumble. 

If you are looking for a dessert that takes five minutes to make and is fairly healthy, this is the one! 

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