Saturday, February 15, 2014

314/984 - Tony's crunchy fruit and nut granola

This is one of those foods I would like to munch by the handful, but where instead I have learned to show some restraint.  

I have always adored granola, or toasted muesli, and I especially like the home-made variety. Not only is it a million times cheaper than store-bought, but I also get to choose all of the ingredients. Of particular importance to me is the oil in which the oats and flakes are baked. I decided to substitute the grapeseed oil in this recipe for coconut oil, while I believe to be healthier and quite frankly I always have it in the cupboard and it tastes wonderful. 

Instead of buying bran flakes especially for this recipe, I simply used sultana bran minus the sultanas. Yes, I did stand there and pick the sultanas out one by one; really is anybody surprised by that? I also meticulously cut all of the raisins in half as I am not a huge fan and do not fancy the idea of getting a mouthful of dried fruit that overpowers the deliciousness that is the toasted oats and flakes. 

The boys have already tried this out as a snack, sprinkled over natural yoghurt and have given it a big thumbs up. I was not terribly surprised; I imagine I could probably bake cardboard in honey and coconut oil and it would taste fabulous.

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