Monday, March 10, 2014

318/984 - Piadine

A request for butter chicken from my youngest was the inspiration behind finally getting around to making this Italian flatbread. It is very similar to roti and so I knew it would be perfect for scooping up the lovely butter chicken juices.

Trev was on duty to cook the main tonight, and my role was to supply the bread and some lovely fresh vegetables to serve with dinner. The piadine was so simple, and with only a half hour for resting, I was rolling little balls of dough before I knew it and throwing them into a hot, hot frying pan to cook. The hotter the pans got (yes I used two at once!) the faster I had to work, in the end roping Jules in to help me roll them out so that I could keep up with my self-imposed crazy production line. 

The dinner was a success and the carrot with mustard seeds, which I found in the margin on page 223, was an absolute hit. The piadine recipe made a stack of twenty flatbreads and so lunches, and maybe a huevos rancheros or two, are very likely over the next couple of days.

Note the very beautiful new table that we ate our dinner on
this evening! If you live in Melbourne I can highly recommend
 Nook Vintage for amazing industrial homewares. 

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